Payment Options


The prices include all taxes including VAT.
The respective shipping costs are shown separately when ordering.
All payments have to be in Euro or SEK (sometimes in USD or GBP).
European Union customers can pay in Euros or SEK to our European account.
IBAN, BIC and other bank details will be sent to you after order confirmation.
We accept all main currencies like US Dollars, UK Pounds, and Euros.
Please contact us for payment details by email.

We accept

Bank transfer - for all EU customers. We have Euro and SEK accounts in several countries and different banks.
Revolut - for all customers.
Swish - only for Swedish customers.
PayPal - for non-EU customers. PayPal fee is 5% + €0,35 from total price including shipping. It can be used for small purchases till €200.



When paying please do not forget to include the order number which will be provided to you after completion of order.
Products will be delivered by post or courier after reception of full payment.
Payment for ordered products has to be completed during 7 working days.
If payment will not be received during 7 working days, the order will be cancelled.


Terms of delivery

Shipping is combined depending on weight and value of the order.
The Buyer pays only one shipping fee, which is combined according to total weight and value of the order.
Packages are generally dispatched within 5-7 business days after receipt of payment and are shipped via PostNord (PostNord) of Sweden.
Shipping days are Saturday and Sunday. If money arrives on Monday - Friday, then the package will be sent the next coming Saturday or Sunday. If money arrives on the weekend, then the package will be sent after 1 week (Saturday or Sunday).
If the buyer wishes to use another shipping method, contact us via e-mail.
Registered shipping is required for international purchases above 20 Euros (including shipping fee).
We always offer buyers to choose the shipment method: registered, insured etc.
If the buyer chooses not to register and not insured - we shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or other problems with the parcel.
We always recommend registered insured letter!

Order storage service

Registered customers are provided with an order storage service. This service works as follows:

  • If the order amount is small (example ordering one 2 euro coin) or for other reasons - the customer may indicate "Leave order in NUMINOTA.COM storage" at the time of ordering;
  • Then all orders will be sent by Swedish PostNord or Lithuanian post at their prices. The most important difference between Lithuania Post and Sweden Postnord is the price. But you have to know that we are based in Sweden and in Lithuania we are in a year 1-2 times. So we can send from Sweden every day but from Lithuania only 1-2 times in a year when we are in Lithuania. Sending from Lithuania to the whole world can save 2-5 times more than sending from Sweden depending on size and weight. You can compare prices: PostNord prices and Lithuania Post prices;
  • Then when we get payment - the customer's order will be placed in our storage;
  • All stored orders will be visible in the client's account with the status "Stored in storage";
  • Later, when the customer places another order with delivery, he can indicate in the order notes that all his pre-paid and in-store orders will also be shipped together;
  • The maximum amount of a combined stored order is 1 000 EUR and the storage period is up to 360 days from first order date;
  • The shipping price is calculated by combining all orders together with size and weight.
  • To use the storage service you must pay 10% of first order, otherwise items will not be reserved and put aside for you.


We take great care during the packing process to ensure that the condition of your coin(s), banknote(s), accessories is intact till it reaches you.
For orders of lots, an amply sized box with bubble wrap will be used.

Delivery time

Sweden: 3 to 5 days;
EU: 4 to 19 days;
Rest world: 7 to 25 days.

USA, Middle East, Korea, China, Japan should expect their packages to arrive in 14-20 days.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs always include the packaging material and the work behind it.
Shipping costs are inclusive of VAT.

To Sweden:
* Ordinary mail:
- Up to 50g - €1,50;
- From 51g to 100g - €2,50;
- From 101g to 250g - €3,50;
- From 251g to 500g - €5,00;
- From 501g to 1kg - €6,50;
- From 1,001kg to 2kg - €8,00.
* Registered mail:
- Up to 50g - €6,50;
- From 51g to 100g - €7,50;
- From 101g to 250g - €8,00;
- From 251g to 500g - €9,00;
- From 501g to 1kg - €11,00;
- From 1,001kg to 2kg - €13,00.
* Skicka Hem (to mailbox or service point):
- Up to 250g - €5,80;
- From 251g to 500g - €6,50;
- From 501g to 1,000g - €8,00;
- From 1,001g to 2,000g - €11,80.

To the rest of the world:
* Priority regular mail:
- Up to 50g - €1,80;
- From 51g to 100g - €2,70;
- From 101g to 250g - €5,00;
- From 251g to 500g - €6,50;
- From 501g to 1kg - €9,50;
- From 1,001kg to 2kg - €11,50.
* Priority registered insured (SEK 2 000) mail:
- Up to 50g - €8,50;
- From 51g to 100g - €9,50;
- From 101g to 250g - €11,50;
- From 251g to 500g - €13,00;
- From 501g to 1kg - €16,00;
- From 1,001kg to 2kg - €18,00.
* Priority registered insured (SEK 10 000*) mail:
- Up to 50g - €10,50;
- From 51g to 100g - €11,50;
- From 101g to 250g - €13,50;
- From 251g to 500g - €15,00;
- From 501g to 1kg - €18,00;
- From 1,001kg to 2kg - €20,00.

* For these countries can not choose insured shipping method till 10,000 SEK: Afghanistan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, East Timor, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Galapagos Islands, Georgia, Guam, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Macedonia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Pitcairn Islands, Puerto Rico, Romania, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, The Cook Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.

All prices in the price list are valid from January 01 2024.
Prices sometimes can be different and the final price will be after order confirmation.
For other shipping methods - please contact us and we will offer our best.

Free shipping

We offer 2 different free shipping types.

To Sweden
You must buy products for 250€ or more. To get free shipping to Sweden use code: FREESWEDEN.

To the rest of the world
You must buy products for 700€ or more. To get free shipping to the all world use code: FREEWORLD.

* We have the right to eliminate free shipping if products are too heavy or too big for the shipping method we use. Free shipping is only valid when the shipping method is PostNord and less than 2 kg.
* Free shipping cannot be combined with other discount codes, you have to choose discount or free shipping code.

Track & Trace

Sweden post PostNord Track and Trace tool
Lithuanian post Track and Trace tool
Universal Track and Trace tool

Customs duties and import duties

For deliveries to countries outside the EU, customs or import duties may be levied by the respective authorities.
For more information, please contact your local customs office.


Please, read Revocation Terms.

Last update: 01.01.2024